There is a bit to say about using downlights…

The temptation is to create a wide coverage from a small number of fittings, but this will not necessarily create a “nice” ambience.

It is useful to understand the limitations of downlights in order to use them well. They are ultimately task lights positioned to achieve a particular job, which wont be to light up the whole room… at least not from just one of them.  Too wide a coverage will create glare points, an effect sensible lighting designers will try to avoid.

Cost is not the only consideration. Also consider the “livability” of the result. Downlights with focused beams rather than a wide spread associated with Integrated downlights limit the sideways glare and improve the overall ambience as a result.

Choosing the best position is the key, bearing in mind you will be lighting up whatever is directly below the fitting.

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